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“Our goal to support health and social care organisations in providing compliant, expert and compassionate care has helped us become one of the fastest growing staffing agencies in the healthcare sector. Our candidates are at the heart of what we do as we wouldn’t be able to excel without their hard work and support”. 


React Healthcare Professionals is a leading temporary staffing solution company providing highly efficient healthcare expertise to both the public and private sectors in the UK.

A highly professional staffing agency providing Just In Time solutions to the short staffed companies. we were established in 2013, bringing in a disruptive innovative style in temporary staffing solutions to the UK healthcare industry. Our supply chain well organized to make sure that value is added to our clients as we deliver on our promises.

Operating in the North West of the England, React Healthcare Professionals has extensive experience in delivering to a variety of clients including NHS Trusts, private sector organizations, Care homes, social care establishments and nurseries.

We have an enviable reputation for providing high quality healthcare assistance, nursery assistance, nurses and allied health professionals in large volumes. We have a strong network of staff all around Manchester and its surrounding areas. We are gaining strong brand recognition in the NHS and have achieved success in delivering top quality care to all our clients.

We work alongside our clients, developing open relationships, aligning our operations with their financial and clinical needs, and we also help to co-create value in the services we provide to them. This means that we can support our client structure by giving clients the flexibility and control they need to help deliver a high quality service to the end users.

Our blue-chip services are designed to exceed your expectations. We are powered by well trained staff who work with our clients based on personal need to ensure we promote dignity and respect of their values and independence. Our services are consistent, so you can be assured of getting the best each time we place a temporary staff with you.

With our highly skilled administrative team who have in-depth knowledge of the social care industry, you are sure to get the best fit you need at all times. They are available 24 hours to respond to your needs and ready to take your feedback whatever time of the day. Talk to us to help you meet your need on top-notch healthcare service that would guarantee you peace of mind.

REACT Healthcare professionals is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation(REC)..

We are a member ofThe Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

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Right attitude to work is a vital character we look for in our healthcare assistant. Beyond this, they must possess excellent communication skills, good knowledge of CQ, and ability to work seamlessly in a team.

Being a support worker require a high level of flexibility and tolerance. We select individual who are able to adapt and provides wide range of service to support the healthcare industry. Our staffs are highly reliable and professional. 

With our highly innovative supply chain, we ensure that value is been added to our clients as we deliver on our promises. We operate a real time feedback system helps to monitor staff performance, reduce cost while ensuring the quality of care is not compromised at all times.

React Healthcare Professionals are trained to work seamlessly with your permanent staff to maintain high care standard, increase your business ROI and ultimately give your clients the quality lifestyle they deserve.

We are positioned in the market based on our strong network of competent and compassionate professionals who deliver care with a conscience. Our team of well vetted professionals do not view caring as a job but as a passion to create value to the end users.

Our team is selected based on a number of variables – compassionate, reliability, communication, highly level of understanding of cultural intelligence, team work, attitude to life, performance and high professionalism. This makes our team outstanding and giving our users’ a valuable experience. With our pellucid system of recruitment, our clients are sure to get the best fit for their job.

At REACT HCP, we speak your language. We take an holistic view of the healthcare industry and provided temporary staffing solutions to our clients all over the UK.

The synergistic effective of both our recruitment consultant and seasoned healthcare professionals, give you the perfect solution to all your staffing need.

Our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry guarantees the quality of services to our clients. We understand the needs, operations and day to day activities of our clients’ organization.

Working in the healthcare industry requires unique skills set that is based on the deep understanding of caring and compassion. This is quite different from the selection of talent in the white collar job such as IT, management and other prestigious roles. The selection of these distinctive capabilities means taking our staff through a rigorous process to ensure we get the best fit for the job.

Innovative supply chain is our thing. Proactively seeking out the best  staff for you at all times is what we do to fill in those position you require.

Work with us to benefit from the standard streamlines supply chain, with 24/7 access to temporary staffing solution which caters for all your staffing needs. Our outstanding requirement consultants are always on hand to answer all your question and offer you services that is tailored to meet your specific need.

With access to a pool of highly qualified healthcare professionals across the UK, we will always deliver on our promises to you.

While we continue to seek out the best talent for you, your local representative will always be at hand to deliver efficient staffing solution to suit your need.



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